An upload might be slow for one of several reasons:

1 - Internet connectivity is poor.

In this case, try to find a stronger/faster connection and re-upload your file.
If your wifi router offers a 5GHz network, switching to it will generally provide faster bandwidth as long as you are reasonably close to the router.

2 -  The file is very large.

In this case, open the file in QuickTime or another video editor and export the file in a smaller size. 1080p ("Full HD"), or even 720p ("Standard HD"), will be plenty for most use cases.

3 - You are importing from a 3rd party service.

Some of the services we integrate with, such as Youtube, allow Reduct to import video directly, but if their demand is high they often throttle the speed of the integrations. It's less convenient, but sometimes downloading the file and uploading it directly can be faster.

If all else fails, upload the videos to Dropbox or Google Drive and email for help porting them over to Reduct.

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