If you have video (or audio) files stored on a cloud platform, you may be able to import them directly into Reduct without downloading and re-uploading your files. We currently support Zoom, BlueJeans, Google Drive, Dropbox, Youtube, and Vimeo. 

Just share the file via a link that anyone can download, and then you can just copy / paste that URL into Reduct (Upload > Add by URL > Paste)! 

A few notes:

  1. You should share each file, not a folder.

  2. The link must be accessible & downloadable by Anyone on the Internet -- you can check that this is true in Incognito mode.

  3. You can turn off access after you see that the upload has completed in Reduct.

Particular advice for Zoom & Google Drive is below:


You can use the link from “Cloud Recording is now available” email that Zoom sends you, just under “Share recording with viewers”. You can also click “Copy Shareable Link” once you click into a specific recording from the listing

In the detailed share settings, you’ll want to check boxes for "Share this recording Publicly" and make sure that "Viewers can download." is also checked.

Google Drive

Make sure "downloads are enabled" (this Google Support article may help) and link sharing is on for "Anyone with the link." The latter does require a few steps in Google Drive--see the GIF below for a how-to.


If you'd like to pull in study sessions from UserTesting click the "Import from web" button in your project.

That modal will show you a field where you can paste a link to your UserTesting video(s).

Once your test is published you can paste a link to the published page or to a single video from there to get that content uploaded. For a step-by-step on how to publish a test visit this help article on UserTesting.

If you would like support for another cloud platform, let us know, email us at hello@reduct.video

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