Automatic, word by word captions come with every reel you create, and are enabled by default.

1) Turning captions off

Click the "CC" icon to disable / re-enable captions.

This will also affect sharing. Reels that are exported or shared via a share link will match the settings you choose here (captions on / captions off).

2) I love the captions, but they are covering up something important on my screen. Can you help me fix that?

We are working on it! We are planning to implement a letterboxing option such that the caption appears outside of our video, and doesn't cover up anything important in it. If this is really important to you, email us at, and we'll make sure to let you know when the feature is released!

3) Can I change the font / color / size in any other way?

The way you do can do this today is by exporting your reel to Premiere or Final Cut for further editing!

If you are not planning to (or can't) use Premiere or Final Cut, and want to change how the captions work, please email & tell us what you are trying to do. We would love your input!

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