The Highlights Page in Reduct allows you to:

  • Sort and filter your highlights: by creator, tag, and tag frequency

  • Select and take bulk actions on highlights: Add Tag, Add to Reel, Download

  • View, rename, and merge tags

  • Share a custom view of your highlights with your stakeholders

Sort and Filter your Highlights

By opening the top panel, you can change the list (and order) of highlights you see. Depending on the ordering you select, highlights may appear grouped by Tag, or listed ungrouped.

Tag-grouped Views

By default, the highlights appear grouped by tags, with the tags sorted alphabetically.

Other tag grouped views include: Tags (frequency), Tagged by ..., and Tagged by me.

While analyzing or synthesizing your data, you may find the Tags (frequency) to be a particularly useful view, as it will help you surface the tags that are bubbling up to the top in your research data, and which tags are yet not well substantiated by data.

The Tagged by views come in handy for collaborative projects, when you want to see just the highlights that certain people on the team (or you!) have tagged.

Ungrouped Views

Ungrouped views include: All highlights, Highlighted by ... (select the set of people, or yourself), Untagged, and Highlights with Tag...

The Highlights by Tag..., in particular, is quite powerful for synthesis: you can input a set of tags, and filter highlights that have either all of those tags, or just one of those tags applied.

The Untagged view comes in handy when you want to go through a re-tagging process, looking through each untagged highlight to see how they should be tagged.

Sort Order

Highlights can be further sorted by highlighter, date highlighted, recording, or upload date, in either ascending or descending order (using the ▲▼ arrows).

This is useful in particular if you want to look through all of the highlights with a certain tag, in a certain interview, one by one.

Select and take bulk actions on highlights

In any of these views, you can click on a highlight to select it, and Shift or command click (⌘+click) to select more than one highlight.

Selecting highlight(s) activates the action bar, which allows you to Add Tag, Add to Reel, Download, or Delete the selected highlight(s), either by clicking on the button, or using the corresponding keyboard shortcut.

Add to Reel will allow you to add either to the end of existing reels, or add the selected highlights to a new reel. This way, you can quickly build a reel right as you are reviewing the highlights you've made on the this page.

View, Rename, and Merge Tags

To see a list of all tags, hover over the tags on the left-hand side of the page.

By moving your mouse to the left side of the page, you can see a list of all the tags in your project. If you select a tag (or shift / ⌘-click more than one), you can also rename / merge the tag (s), delete (untag all highlights with that tag), or just select all the highlights within the tag.

1 tag selected -- Rename

Renaming a Tag

Multiple tags selected -- Merge

Share a custom view of your highlights with your stakeholders

You can share any sorted / filtered view of the all highlights page by copy / pasting the URL and sharing it with a collaborator who also has a Reduct account, and with whom the project is shared.

This can be a handy way of sharing all of the raw highlights related to a certain topic that you want your collaborators to review, without necessarily creating a reel.

For example, the URL links to a view sorted by Tags (frequency): sharing the URL below would share a filtered view of highlights with the tag Synthesis, sorted by recording in ascending order, in the project below:

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