In this article, we'll walk through how you import Reduct reels into Final Cut Pro, so that you can add visual polish, effects, normalization, you name it....

As background setup, we have uploaded an hour-long interview ira_glass_video.mp4 to Reduct, and then created a 53 second reel from it.

To get this into Final Cut, the following steps are needed:

(1) From the reel export menu, download Final Cut Pro XML

(2) Open in FCPX & re-link to source file

(3) Continue editing in Final Cut....

(1) The reel export menu is pictured below; after clicking export, select the "Final Cut Pro XML 1.8" option.

(2) Open the .fcpxml file that you just downloaded. If you have Final Cut Pro installed, the file will automatically open within FCP.

Note: If you get a warning about edit frame boundaries, just hit OK.

You can now re-link to the original file in FCP. Under File, find Relink Files > and select Original Media...

In the popup window that appears, find the source file on your hard drive, and click "Relink Files":

(3) You now have a Final Cut timeline where your reel (+ captions!!) have been imported, so you can fine-tune your reels using the tools Final Cut provides you.

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