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Edit your reels in Final Cut Pro
Edit your reels in Final Cut Pro

Add polish, effects, normalization and more to your reels with Final Cut Pro

Updated over a week ago

Follow these steps to import your Reduct reels to Final Cut Pro:

1: Export from Reduct

From the reel export menu, select Final Cut Pro X (xml 1.8 & srt)

2: Import into FCP

Open the .fcpxml file that you just downloaded. If you have Final Cut Pro installed, the file will automatically open within FCP.

Note: If you get a warning about edit frame boundaries, just hit OK.

You can now re-link to the original file in FCP. Under File, find Relink Files > and select Original Media...

In the popup window that appears, find the source file on your hard drive, and click "Relink Files":

3: Edit!

You now have a Final Cut timeline where your reel (+ captions!!) have been imported, so you can fine-tune your reels using the tools Final Cut provides you.


Note that the XML export does not include any title slides that might be in your reel.

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