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Human v.s. Computer transcription methods in Reduct
Human v.s. Computer transcription methods in Reduct
Learn the differences between two transcription methods
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By default, you'll receive a near instant, high quality computer transcription each time you upload media to a recording. Click 'upgrade transcript' on a recording to replace the computer-generated transcription with one created by our professional transcriptionists.

Human transcriptions arrive overnight and replace the existing computer transcript. Any highlights or tags you've already created will remain in place.

Further details

Reduct's computer transcription meets and exceeds the industry's highest standards for machine transcription, and is getting better as models improve. Accuracy is usually over 90%, and works especially well with clean audio and footage with a limited number of individual speakers. Our computer transcription supports footage in over 30 languages; learn more about our language support here.

Our human transcription offers improved accuracy and speaker separation. Our professional transcriptionists are experienced working with audio with crosstalk, and/or where speakers have strong accents.

How much do upgrades cost?

Human transcription is priced per minute, and is generally not included with most plans (some Enterprise plans do include human transcription credits). You will be provided with a cost estimate, and asked to confirm the charge, before the transcription order is confirmed. Note that human transcription is only available for English-language footage.

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