Reduct offers two transcription methods: computer transcription, which uses an algorithm to generate the text transcript from the audio in your recordings, and human transcription, where professional transcriptionists ensure you receive a highly accurate transcription. Our computer-generated transcripts meets the highest industry standards, and are usually around 85% accurate. We also offer human transcription method that approaches 99% accuracy, for those who need a highly-accurate transcript you can trust.

Comparison of computer and human transcription methods

Computer Transcription

Human Transcription


Quota of transcription hours included in your plan.
Additional transcription charged at $0.1/min.

$2.00/min or $1.67/min depending on which plan you’re on.


Meets the highest industry standard for machine transcription.
Works well with clean audio and a limited number of individual speakers.

Improved accuracy and speaker separation. Reduced need for manual correction. Better transcripts also allows for improved search accuracy.


Fast turnaround (ready in minutes)

Your human transcript is delivered within 24hrs (generally overnight). We provide a Computer-generated draft available ASAP, so you can start working, and your highlights stay in place when the human transcription is ready.

How Reduct achieves speed and security for human transcription:

By splitting your audio recordings into smaller chunks, and sending each one to a separate transcriptionist, you get your transcript back much quicker. We never give the whole file to any single human transcriber guaranteeing that the content of your recordings remains confidential.

Selecting transcription method

The transcription method is set for an entire project, so any media uploaded to that project will be transcribed using the same method.

If you want to use human transcription for some of your projects, select human transcription when creating a project in Reduct. You cannot select the transcription method on a per-upload basis.

If you would like to use a mix of human and computer transcription on a given study, you can upload media to a project with your preferred transcription method, and then move the recording and associated transcript to a different project, so that all of your associated recordings live in a single project that corresponds to your "unit of work."

Your human transcription cost will be shown on Setting > Usage page.

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