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How do I upload multiple files?
How do I upload multiple files?
Updated over a week ago

When uploading files, we recommend uploading each of your source files as individual recordings in Reduct.

Batch file upload

Instead of clicking "New recording", click on the three vertical dots next to the recording, and click "Batch file upload"

In some cases, however, it makes sense to upload multiple files into one recording.

For example, your camera or audio recording device may create several files ("Tara_01", "Tara_02", "Tara_03", etc) for a single session or interview. In that case, you can combine multiple files into one Recording in Reduct.

How to upload multiple files into one recording

After you create a new recording and click "Upload files," you can simply select all of the files that should be combined into one recording, or drag-and-drop all the files into reduct in one go. You can also click on the the "Add additional video or audio files for this recording" button to select files one by one instead of selecting them all at once, letting you control the sequence they are added in more reliably. Note that they cannot be rearranged once added.

If you are looking to upload non-audiovisual files to a recording, you can upload them as attachments.

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