How do I create a project?
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Work in Reduct is organized by project; recordings, tags, videoboards, and reels all "live" in a project.

Clicking on the logo in the top-left corner of the application will take you to the project listings page, where you can see projects you are a member of or can join, and where you can create new projects.

To create a new project

On the project listing page, click on the "New Project" button on your projects page.

Name your project and give it a description.

Later, Quick filters will make it easy for you, your teammates and stakeholders to find project titles and information such as project codes or high level themes in the description field in the future.

Project permissions

By default, all new projects are listed and available for all members of your team to join. Click "Access permissions" to restrict your project.

If you select "Unlisted project," no one else in your workspace will be able to see it or join it without your invitation. (In some cases, billing managers may be able to access unlisted projects, such as when there are no other members of the project.)

You may invite other users to join your project and give them editing or view-only permission by selecting an option from the dropdown next to their name.

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