Reduct provides a way to get better transcription (and captions) on subjects that include jargon or technical terms so you won't have to correct them later. Click here to learn more about hints.

Follow the steps below to correct your transcripts.

Correcting a Recording transcript:

Reduct synchronizes your media with a high quality transcript word for word, syllable for syllable to the millisecond.

It's important to edit in small chunks (one word or clause at a time) to maintain alignment between your media and transcript.

Select the word(s) you would like to correct with your mouse or arrow keys and click 'Correct Transcript' or tap 'x' on your keyboard.

Edit the transcript, then tap Enter or click Save.

Be careful to avoid overcorrecting. This can cause misalignments between your transcript and media (indicated by gray text).

If this occurs you can select the misaligned gray text and tap 'x' to correct and realign your transcript to your media.

You'll need to type the exact words to the syllable for proper alignment. If you have more than a sentence of misalignment, contact for help.

PRO TIP: Stammering can be another major cause for misalignment. The best way to realign your recording transcript is to type out the exact word or syllable pronounced by the speaker. For instance, 'I, I was a tuh, teh, tech, technician...'

Improper speech can be easily removed from reels.

Correcting a reel:

Select the word(s) you would like to correct with your mouse or arrow keys and click the correct icon (โœŽ). Click 'save' when finished.

Word salad or improper speech can be removed from your reel via strikethrough editing. Select the text you'd like to eliminate and click 'Cut'.

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