Transcribe by Reduct only supports English at the moment, and we are working on adding additional languages.

In Reduct's standard product, we support transcription in 36 different languages!

Supported languages include:

Arabic         Bulgarian      Catalan        Croatian
Czech Danish Dutch English
Farsi Finnish French German
Greek Hebrew Hindi Hungarian
Indonesian Italian Japanese Korean
Latvian Lithuanian Malay Mandarin (Simplified)
Norwegian Polish Portugese Romanian
Russian Slovak Slovenian Spanish
Swedish Tamil Telegu Turkish

Accented English

Reduct can accept English speech with any type of accent. If computer transcription cannot accurately transcribe your footage, we recommend trying human transcription. Our professional transcribers are generally better than automated services at working with speech with particularly strong accents. You can upgrade any English-language recording to human transcription.

Setting your language

When creating a project, choose Computer transcription and select the language spoken in your media. The selection you make at project creation will affect all recordings uploaded to this project. You can change this at any time by navigating to the project's transcription settings.

Currently, Reduct can only support one language per recording, but if you're working with multiple media in different languages and want to keep them in the same project, you can choose "Multiple Languages (Auto-Detect)" and we will identify the language spoken in each recording. Language auto-detection is in beta - let us know if your language is incorrectly detected.

Translation, multi-language search and captions

These are not available in Reduct yet, but if you do work in multiple languages, or would be interested in searching through or sharing video captioned in multiple languages, please let us know by filling out this short survey, and we'll get in touch!

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