How to create reels

Distill hours of media into concise, meaningful moments fast.

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You can combine highlights from different recordings in separate projects, edit them as easily as editing text and rearrange them to create a concise narrative. There are multiple ways to create reels in Reduct. We'll start with the simplest.

Getting started

Click the reels icon, 'New Reel' then select highlights.


Filter to see the highlights you want from this project or others.

Click and drag from any highlight's thumbnail image to drag it into your reel.

If you've filtered to see highlights by tag, by user, highlights in a specific recording, highlights containing text, or a mix of all, grab the matching highlights by the image to drag them all in together.

Once you have items in your Reel, you can cut unwanted video by selecting text and clicking "Cut." The portion you've selected will be seamlessly editing out of your video.

Cuts can be restored by selecting the text again and clicking "Restore."


You can add titles at the beginning of reels or as interstitials to introduce new subjects or themes. Just click the title slide icon and drag the slide where you'd like to place it in your reel.

You can also build reels directly from a recording's transcript.

Select text, click 'Add to reel' to create a highlight and add it as an existing reel or create a new one. This allows you to build multiple reels quickly while keeping your focus on a recording.

Select text or an existing highlight, and click 'Share as reel' in the gutter menu to create a new reel and be ready to share it right away.


You can share your reels via links or exported files.


Click the export icon to download high quality video or audio, or a transcript just of the items in your Reel.

When you select Download, you can choose your caption and resolution settings to finalize your export.

Link Sharing
Click the link icon to to generate a link you can share via Slack or and embed code you can share via email or within a slide deck.

Embedded reels will look like this in slide presentations. Positioning, size and font are customizable in your presentation software.

When the link is clicked on, your audience will see the most recent update of your reel together with a transcript, as well as caption, and playback speed options.

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