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How does Reduct support data privacy?
How does Reduct support data privacy?
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We take security and privacy seriously, and our practices go beyond the standard of our SOC II Type 2 compliance certification in several ways.

Our full SOC II Type 2 compliance report is available upon request to customers on an Enterprise plan, or those interested in becoming an Enterprise customer. Here are our full Privacy Policy and Terms of Service.

Reduct staff cannot access your media uploads, recordings, highlights or reels without a fully auditable process.

If you choose to use our human transcription offering, your video uploads are never seen by our transcribers. Human transcriptionists work with audio only. We batch your media into small pieces of a few minutes or less and send them to separate transcribers, so no one person ever comes into contact with your full media recording. This is also how we're able to deliver accurate human transcriptions so fast.

Reduct is certified as fully HIPAA compliant. If you are interested in more details or HIPAA transcription, please contact

Reduct is able to serve major entities in both the public and private sectors, with the strictest security measures worldwide. If you believe your company requires more details or some time with our legal team regarding privacy, please contact

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