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Can you turn off captions, or modify how they appear?
Can you turn off captions, or modify how they appear?

This article describes Reduct closed captions / subtitles, and answered FAQs on the topic.

Updated over a week ago

Captions are automatically included whenever you view or download videos on Reduct. You can also change their style, or turn them off if you'd like.

Viewing videos on reduct

Whenever you are viewing a video on Reduct, you will see captions on the video. You can click on the "CC" button to change the style of the caption that is displayed, as well as to turn it off.

Captions on exported video

You can also select the same caption options when you export video from Reduct.

Click the Export icon to download your recording or reel as an mp4 file.

In the next screen, you can now choose what caption style the downloaded videos should have.

Can I make further changes to the provided captions styles?

To further customize the caption styles within Reduct, you can export reels in Reduct to Premiere or Final Cut for further editing, or download a video file without captions as well as the captions as an SRT file, and styling them yourself in any video or caption editing program.

If you are not planning to use Premiere or Final Cut, and want to change how the captions work, please email & tell us what you are trying to do. We would love your input!

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