Captions are automatically included with every reel you create.

Share and Embed links

Reels that are shared via a Share will offer the viewer options to switch between caption styles or turn captions off entirely.

Captions on exported reels

You can select the caption options that are included in exported reels that you download as MP4 files to your computer.

Click the Export icon to download your reel as an mp4 file.

You'll then have the option to choose between caption styles or to disable captions completely.

Can I make further changes to the provided captions styles?

You cannot further customize the caption styles within Reduct, but you can do this by exporting your reel to Premiere or Final Cut for further editing, or downloading a file without captions and adding them yourself in any editing program.

If you are not planning to use Premiere or Final Cut, and want to change how the captions work, please email & tell us what you are trying to do. We would love your input!

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