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Exporting and downloading your media
Exporting and downloading your media
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Users with an Editor role have the ability to export and download from Reduct.


To get Reels out of Reduct, you can share a link to a reel, use our Premiere plugin, or export your reel as a video or audio file.

To export a video or audio file of your reel, click the download icon, and select Video or Audio.

Choose your caption and resolution settings to finalize your export.


Click a Recording's 'Export options' icon, then select the type of file you'd like to download.

This will open a window where you can choose caption style and resolution.

Individual clips

You can also select transcript text, and download a clip of just the selected duration.

Original media

You can download the original media you uploaded to Reduct by expanding the media files area, at the top of the transcript, and clicking on the three dots next to the file you wish to download. You cannot choose any options - this is the file that was originally uploaded, and is not transcoded, resized, or compressed.

Beta functionality: caption translation

For users with our beta translation functionality, there is an additional option shown on the download options window. Selecting a different language will translate the captions included in the exported file from the original language to the selected one.

In this example, the original footage was in French, and was transcribed as such. The exported video will still have the audio in French, but will display captions in German.

This functionality is currently only available upon download. Learn more about our language support and capabilities.

If you would be interested in trying out this functionality, please contact us.

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