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How do I use the view of my highlights to synthesize or build reels?
How do I use the view of my highlights to synthesize or build reels?

Learn how to do everything from building stories to managing tags in your project's Highlights Page

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In Reduct, you can sort and filter your highlights in order to make sense of them, and to choose which ones to bring into a videoboard or a reel, in a variety of ways.

You can sort and filter highlights in the left sidebar, and you can bring up a list of highlights that meet your criteria in the central panel of the Reduct interface.

Using the Highlights tab in the sidebar

When you switch to the highlights tab in the sidebar on the left, you can...

  • Sort your highlights: by date highlighted, recorded, uploaded, or last modified; and by who highlighted them

  • You can filter down your highlights by one or more tags, by who highlighted them, which recording they are in, or by an exact string match.

  • If you are on an Advanced or Enterprise plan, you can also choose whether to restrict your scope to the current project, or to view highlights across projects.

Clicking on any highlight in the left sidebar will take you to that highlight in the context of it's source recording.

If you have a videoboard or reel open, you can drag a highlight into it, by drag-and-dropping it into the appropriate panel.

The two buttons showing how highlights match your filters (in the screenshot above, "9 highlights" and "5 untagged") can be clicked on, or dragged into videoboards or reels to bring all of the matching highlights into the destination videoboard/reel.

Highlights in the central panel

You can view a filtered list of highlights in the central panel in a variety of ways. From a recording, you can click on the button labeled "X highlights" at the top of the recording to view all of the highlights in the current recording.

You can click on the button in the left sidebar when you are looking at the highlights there to open the same set of highlights (however they are filtered) in the central panel.

And you can click on any tag (or shift-click on multiple tags) to view all highlights that have had that tag applied to them, in the central panel.


When you are viewing a set of highlights in the central panel, you can act on them in a variety of ways. You can read the transcript and play the associated video, just as you can on a recording - you can also click on a word to jump the playhead to that location.

You can add the highlight to a reel, add a comment, and add or remove tags. You can download each highlight individually, or you can convert the set you're looking at to a reel and do further editing in the reel editor.

Synthesis and further tagging

This context is particularly powerful for looking at a set of roughly tagged highlights, immersing yourself in the content and the nuances of each clip, and adding additional, more granular tags to those that need it.

Reel building

In addition to using the menu for each highlight, if you have a pinned reel open on the right of the screen, you can drag directly from the highlights panel into the pinned reel. This allows you to treat the central panel as a shortlist of ingredients that you can pick and choose from, as you construct your narrative.

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