Importing Zoom recordings
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If you conduct calls using Zoom and want to use those recordings in Reduct, we offer two ways to get them in: (1) Use Zoom's "cloud recordings" and them import those directly into Reduct with our integration, or (2) use live capture to see a live transcript and highlight, tag, and comment while the call is ongoing, importing automatically when the call is done.

Import Zoom cloud recordings

Click "Import from Zoom" at the top of the Recordings panel. The first time you do this, you will be asked to link your Zoom account with Reduct.

NOTE: Your Zoom admin will need to authorize the integration (details here). This might be someone in your I.T. department.

You will then be presented with a list of your Zoom Cloud Recordings. Select as many as you'd like to import, choose the view from the dropdown on the right of each available meeting, and then click "Import."

These recordings will be copied from Zoom directly to Reduct's servers, where we will transcribe them. You'll get an email when they are ready to review, highlight, and create reels from.

Uninstalling the Reduct.Video Zoom app

  1. Log into your Zoom Account and navigate to the Zoom App Marketplace

  2. Click Manage > Installed Apps or search for the Reduct.Video app

  3. Click the Reduct.Video app

  4. Click Uninstall

Using live capture

To connect to a Zoom (or Google Meet) call while it is ongoing, select the fourth option on a new recording, copy the meeting URL from your calendar or from the meeting itself, and paste it into the field. This will send a Reduct transcriber bot to your meeting.

Depending on how your Zoom meeting is set up, you might have to admit the bot from the waiting room into the meeting; shortly after the bot is in the meeting, you will begin to see transcription appear in Reduct. You can click the "Highlight now" button or press the h key to create a 20 second highlight, or select transcript text to highlight, tag, or comment.

As soon as the call is completed (or the bot is removed from the meeting), video will be imported, and your transcript will be refined. Any highlights will remain in place and be correctly aligned.

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