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How to cancel your subscription or close your account
How to cancel your subscription or close your account
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Written by Prabhas Pokharel
Updated over a week ago

Once you subscribe to Reduct, your plan is set to auto-renew every month. You can cancel at any time by following the steps below.

Click on your profile picture in the top-right of the screen, and go to Settings. Click on "Plan" on the left. You will see the option to cancel underneath the column marked "Your current plan."

Your final bill will be pro-rated for any days already used, and include any additional transcription costs that occurred in that time.

NOTE: Cancelling your subscription will permanently erase your content and your repository. Please book a quick session to discuss other options and to discuss security and privacy compliance.

Closing a trial account

If you are still on a trial, you can go to your workspace's User Listing page (Settings > Users), click on the three vertical dots next to your username, and click "Remove User"

Note: if you want to make sure you don't receive any emails from us, before removing yourself, go to (Settings > Profile) and uncheck the options there.

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