You can delete and restore projects, recordings, videoboards, and reels.


To delete an item and clean up your workspace, click on the three-dot "kebab" menu.

Recordings, videoboards, and reels can be deleted using the kebab menu in the left sidebar (visible when you are in a project).

To delete entire projects, you can do so from the projects listing page, or by clicking on the kebab next to the project name next to the Reduct logo in the header.

For privacy compliance and permanent deletion of data from our servers, please follow these instructions instead. If you just want to clean up your workspace but leave the project untouched for other users, you do so by leaving the project.


A deleted item can be restored using the "recent activity" menu, which you can access by clicking on the clock icon in the top-right corner of the screen, next to your profile picture.

Note: the item will return to where it was when it was deleted, which might not be at the top of the list.

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