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What are my usage limits in Reduct?
What are my usage limits in Reduct?

How do I know the usage limit for my Reduct plan? How do I add more hours?

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Usage limits depend on what your Reduct subscription plan is:

  • If you signed up from our website and are on the Standard or Advanced plan, you have a quota of monthly computer transcription hours that's included with every editor seat. These hours are renewed every month, and pooled: so they can be accessed by any of the users in your workspace.

    Legacy plans (including pro and team) have different limits, with monthly transcription hours fixed per workspace, rather than increasing with every seat added.

  • Enterprise users have customized usage limits.

Once you upload your files to Reduct, we will calculate the actual length of transcribable audio. Reduct doesn’t bill for periods of silence longer than 60 seconds in your recordings.

We do not charge for storage, or have filesize limits.

Checking your usage and remaining hours

You can always check your hours of usage and remaining transcription minutes by clicking on your amazing face in the top-right corner, then Settings > Transcription.

Purchasing more hours

If you are on the standard or advanced plan, you may add editors to add monthly transcription hours to your account.

You can also prepay for transcription credits. Go to Settings > Payments, and the section below the credit card will allow you to prepay for transcription credits.

Finally, you could do neither, and just upload content to Reduct. We will bill you by the minute — you can find your exact per-minute price in Settings > Plan. We do have a $5 minimum charge, and unused portions are made available as credits to use in the future.

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