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What if I need more editors for my plan?
What if I need more editors for my plan?
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Reduct becomes exponentially more powerful when you begin collaborating with others. You can invite teammates and collaborators to join you in a several different capacities - read more about user roles in Reduct, here.

Limits and billing

Depending on the plan you're on, you may have a limit on the number of editors (or guest editors) you can add to your workspace, or the amount you are charged may be impacted by the number of editors in your workspace over the course of a billing period.

Commenters are free, although your plan may have limits on how many you can have in your workspace at any given time.

Adding editors

You have several options for how to invite somebody to collaborate in Reduct, and add editors to your workspace.

Settings > Users

You can navigate to Settings > Users by clicking on your profile in the top-right of your screen, and click on the “New User” button. You can choose whether to invite them as an editor or as a commenter; either way, they will have access to all the projects in your workspace.

Project settings

You can also adjust access permissions for a specific project by clicking on the three dots - the “kebab menu” - on the project listing page, to see who has access to the project, and to add new users. For new users, you can select their role, and can choose whether they should only have access to this specific project (giving them a guest role), or becoming members of the workspace as a whole.

In a comment

And finally, you can invite collaborators right when you’re in the midst of it, and just mention them in a comment. By starting your comment with the “@” symbol and then typing their email address, you will be shown the option of inviting them if they aren’t already in the project and/or the workspace.

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