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Can I use Reduct content in court?
Can I use Reduct content in court?

Information for legal teams using Reduct

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Reduct provides rapid transcription in the following ways:

  • In projects with transcription set to AI transcription, Reduct provides transcription via computer, usually within 15 minutes (subject to the length of your media).

  • In projects set to human transcription, Reduct first provides the same computer transcription mentioned above, so you can begin working immediately. This will be replaced by a 99% accurate Human transcription within 24 hours, usually overnight. Any highlights or comments will remain in place.

Legal teams use Reduct in a variety of ways:

  • To search through audio/video (such as depositions or evidence) quickly and accurately.

  • To easily blend content from multiple media sources together.

  • To collaborate with other legal teams on a case.

  • Some legal teams use Reduct reels as presentations in court in accordance with jurisdictional laws and regulations.

It should be noted that the transcription offered by Reduct is not "certified" transcription, and that transcript accuracy is directly related to the quality of the uploaded file. Teams that upload media with poor sound quality will need to take time for manual transcript corrections. It's not uncommon for teams who regularly upload media with poor audio quality to pay a staffer to make frequent corrections.

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