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Quick Start Guide to Using Transcribe by Reduct - our Pay-As-You-Go offering
Quick Start Guide to Using Transcribe by Reduct - our Pay-As-You-Go offering
This short guide will provide you with everything you need to get started with 'Transcribe by Reduct' in just a couple of minutes.
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Transcribe by Reduct is a pay-as-you-go product for your transcription needs. You can generate transcripts, correct them, highlight important parts, collaborate, comment and collaborate, and more.

You can upgrade to a monthly subscription for Reduct's fully-fledged editor and repository, which comes with transcription hours, at any time.

Getting Started

Start working with Transcribe by Reduct by simply uploading any recording. Reduct supports almost any formats you work with, from WAV, ACC, and MP3 to MP4 & MOV.

You can get started with one recording and create a repository of your recordings as you go on.

1 - Upload your recordings

When you click on the "New Recording button, you will see three options for getting content into Reduct:

  1. You can upload video and audio files directly from your computer.

  2. You can import your Zoom/Cloud recordings without the need to juggle files or keep track of the right link.

  3. You can also import media from Google Drive, Dropbox, YouTube, Vimeo,, and more, just by pasting the web URL (more on it here).

After you upload or import your media, select either human transcription or computer transcription based on your requirement. (Human vs Computer transcription)


Reduct will then start generating the transcription within a few seconds. The transcript is synced to your media, word for word, syllable for syllable, to the millisecond.

2 - Creating highlights

Click and drag on the transcript to select the text, just like you are used to in Word or Google Docs.

As soon as you create a selection, you'll see a menu pop up on the right, with a series of actions you can take.

  • To create a highlight, either click ‘Highlight’ in the menu or hit the h key on your keyboard.

Creating a highlight makes that clip easy to find again and work with.

  • If you notice a mistake in the transcript, you can simply select the text and click on the 'Correct Transcript' option to correct it.

  • You can also extract new paragraphs or merge paragraphs to make the transcript more readable.

  • To download, click on 'Download' and get the selected highlight as a standalone video or audio file.

3 - Search through your transcripts

Use the search bar at the top of the screen to search and locate moments within one recording, or across multiple recordings. Our search will return exact matches for the term you put in, followed by "fuzzy matches". Reduct's NLP-based AI will find all relevant and related terms even when the search terms don’t match exactly.

Use the filters to widen your search to other projects, or to limit your search to specific recordings.

Click on any search result to jump to that location in a recording's transcript.

4- Collaborate

To add comments, select a portion of a text and click on the 'Add Comment' button or hit the c key on your keyboard. You can also view all the comments left by your peers and respond inline to ones that are already there.

5 - Share your work

You can invite colleagues, collaborators, partners, and relevant stakeholders to Reduct.

Click on the ‘Export’ icon to download the Subtitles (SRT), Transcript file (word), Video with subtitles (Mp4), and Audio (Mp3).

You can also download a part of the video (with subtitles) by highlighting a portion of the transcript and clicking on download when the pop-up appears.

You can do much more with Reduct.

Unlock the full power of Reduct by creating a free account here.

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