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Access controls and Project sharing options
Access controls and Project sharing options

Listed vs. Unlisted Projects, Project Sharing Options

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Listed vs. Unlisted Projects

Projects are listed projects by default, which means that members of the workspace can see that a project exists and choose to join it. For users on the Advanced plan or in an enterprise workspace, they can also choose to restrict projects to be unlisted. Unlisted projects will not be visible to anyone who isn't explicitly added to the project, and cannot be joined without an invitation.
You can make a project unlisted by using the toggle in a project's Access permissions popover, which you can access from the project listings page or from within the project.

Link-based Project Sharing

Projects can also be shared just using a link - just copy the URL you see within a project, and share it with someone else. Note that these links include a secure token in the URL, so only those who have access to the URL can see it.

Link-based sharing has several options:

  • Toggle On / Off - Link-based sharing can be turned on and off project-by-project.
    (Note: if sharing is turned off, all previously shared links will stop working. Sharing the project again generates a new secure token, and will need to be shared again.)

  • Anyone with the link can ... - anyone receiving this link (including the secure token) can access this project.

  • [Enterprise-only] Anyone with an email can ... - someone receiving this link will have to first log-in with an email at a matching domain before they can access this project.

  • Anyone with ... can join and comment - someone receiving this link who is not an existing member of your workspace can join your workspace as a project-specific commenter, and can make highlights and leave comments in this project.

  • Anyone with ... can view - someone receiving this link cannot join your workspace, but can view your project.

Link-based sharing is enabled by default on self-service plans, and can be turned off. This choice is available both during project creation, and at any time within a project.

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