Cross-project functionality in Reduct
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Projects allow you to organize your content, and control access using Reduct's flexible roles and permissions. And while most of the time you're working within a project, we offer plenty of functionality to help you work across projects, so you can use Reduct as an audio / video repository for your whole organization.

Most cross-project functionality is available only to Advanced and enterprise customers. If you are on a different plan, such as the Standard plan, you can upgrade at any time.

Cross-Project Transcript Search

You can search through recording transcripts in multiple projects. This powerful functionality allows you to access information from different projects without navigating back and forth.

To use cross-project search:

  1. Start by doing a search within one of your relevant projects

  2. Click on "This Project" (where it says "Filter by [Recordings] in [This Project])

  3. Select one or more projects to search within.

Cross-Project Reels and Videoboards

You can pull content from multiple projects into reels and videoboards. There are two ways to access this functionality.

1. Using "Add to Reel":

When you select some text in a recording, or select a highlight, and "Add to Reel", you can type the name of a reel in another project to add that selection into the reel.

2. Using the highlights sidebar

If you want to drag one or multiple highlights from highlights from another project into a reel or a videoboard, you can do so by...

  • Opening the desired destination reel or videoboard

  • Clicking on the highlights tab in the left sidebar

  • Opening the "Current project" dropdown to select another project

  • Draging highlight(s) into the reel or videoboard in the main panel

You can also drag a search result (see above for how to run a cross-project search) directly from the list of results on the left into a videoboard or reel.

A note on access: cross-project reels are fully accessible to people who have joined both the projects involved. If someone tries to view a cross-project reel containing highlights from a project they haven't joined, they'll see a note prompting them to do so. If they do not have access to join the project, they will only be able to see a subset of the reel.

Moving Recordings and Reels

Finally, you can also just move a recording or reel into another project. To do this,

  • Click on the three vertical dots () next to the recording or the reel title, or on the list item in the sidebar.

  • Select "Move to Project"

  • Select a project to move the item to.

Cross-project functionality is not accessible for every plan. See our Pricing Page for more information on plans and features included.

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