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Calendar integration for live capture
Calendar integration for live capture
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Reduct allows you to connect your workspace to your calendar, and to send a bot to each meeting that has an appropriate Zoom, Teams, or Meet link, so that it can be transcribed in real time. We currently support integration with Google calendars. This means that your Reduct bot will show up, without you having to manually create recordings and invite the bot as the meeting kicks off.

To learn more about live capture, see this article.

Note: Calendar integration is available to users on our Advanced plan and for Enterprise users. You can also try out the feature while on our free trial.


The initial setup is done in settings. Click on your profile picture in the top-right corner of your screen, and click on "Settings."

And then, on the left side of the screen, click on "Calendar integration." From there, you need to authenticate with Google, and grant Reduct permission to access your calendar data.

If you do not see "Calendar integration" on the left side, you may need to upgrade your plan to access this feature.

Calls recorded this way are saved in a default project, which you have to set; you can change it at any time.

Once you've set the destination project, you can control which meetings the bot will attempt to join, and see a preview of how those controls will apply to upcoming meetings on your calendar.

Tips and best practices

  • Use a dedicated project for your calendar meetings. You can move your recording to another project later.

  • Enable waiting rooms in Zoom to avoid having the bot join before you (instructions from Zoom). You can also decide not to admit the bot into a call to skip recording it.

  • Remove the bot if you don't want the meeting recorded. You can also move the bot to a waiting room to pause recording; re-admit it to continue recording and transcribing.

  • You can always invite a bot to a specific meeting (eg one that doesn't meet your auto-join criteria, or if you're sent a replacement link by email) by pasting a meeting link in a new recording, even after you've connected your calendar.

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