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Recording descriptions and attachments
Recording descriptions and attachments
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In addition to uploading or importing media to be transcribed, a recording can have a description associated with it, and can have files uploaded as attachments.


Recordings have an optional description field, which can be used to describe the recording, summarize its contents, or to hold additional metadata.

The description field supports rich text formatting (bolding and italics) and both bulleted and numbered lists.

AI Summary

Reduct also offers the ability to generate a summary of the recording using AI - just click on the button marked "Generate summary" in the description area at the top of the recording. This will analyze the transcript, and add a series of bullet points to the description field covering the main points that were mentioned; each bullet point also has a clickable timestamp, so that you can quickly jump to the relevant section of the transcript/video.

Note: not all users have access to this feature, as certain workspaces have chosen to disable it.

Using the sidebar quick-filter

The quick-filter in the sidebar matches a variety of fields, including recording title and the text in the description. This allows you to use that field to include metadata to rapidly narrow down which recordings are listed, and find the one you need.


In addition to audio or video files, which are processed as media files and transcribed, you can also attach other files to a recording, to keep them together with the transcript. Reduct supports most filetypes as attachments, including those that are not audiovisual in nature. Common examples include signed consent or release forms, photos of the participant, or supplementary evidence from a session.

You can either click on "Upload from computer", or drag-and-drop the files onto the appropriate area. There is a filesize limit of 25mb per attachment.

Note that attachments are not processed or transcribed by Reduct.

Files can be downloaded from Reduct, or deleted, by clicking on the symbol to the right of each file, next to the date it was uploaded.

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