Reduct synchronizes your media with a transcript word for word, syllable for syllable to the millisecond.

Gray squares represent one second of silence. Clicking on them will jump to different points of silence in your media.

Gray text indicates misalignment. This means the text and the audio are not perfectly synced up for that portion of the video, usually due to poor audio quality, background noise, mistranscription, people speaking over each other or a lack of enunciation by the speaker.

If you have a misalignment because a word or clause was mistranscribed, you can select the gray text and tap 'x' to correct and realign your transcript.

You'll need to type the exact words to the syllable for proper realignment. If you have more than a sentence of misalignment, contact for help.

PRO TIP: Stammering can be another major cause for misalignment. The best way to realign your recording transcript is to type out the exact word or syllable pronounced by the speaker. For instance, 'I, I was a tuh, teh, tech, technician...'

Unwanted speech can be removed from a reel via strikethrough editing. Select the text you'd like to eliminate and click 'Cut'.

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