You can create (highlight) reels in Reduct to combine highlights from many different recordings!

Getting started
To create a reel, go to the Reels tab and click the "New Reel" button. 

You can drag a single highlight, or all highlights in a tag, into the reel. 

Add a title by dragging & dropping one into the reel. You can add titles at the beginning of reels or as interstitials to introduce new subjects or themes.

Cutting video
Cut unwanted video by selecting text and clicking "Cut." The video will automatically be removed from the reel without mutating the original footage. Cuts can be restored by selecting the text again and clicking "Restore."

Download high quality video or audio by clicking "Download." You'll receive an email with the download after a few moments. All downloaded video is the same quality as the video when it was uploaded. Downloaded reels also have smooth fades to/from black and between clips.

Add to reel
You can also add a highlight to a reel from the highlight share page or recording's transcript page. After adding, follow the link on your success alert to go to the reel.

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