If you use Adobe Premiere, or collaborate with someone who does, you can import Reduct highlight reels directly into Premiere! We are really excited for this to enable workflows where content experts can work with video, and collaborate with their video editing and post-production colleagues seamlessly.

Once you import a reel from Reduct, you can reconnect your source media to files or sequences, including a multi-track/multi-camera sequence. You can then continue working with the edit natively in Premiere, as if you created it from those source files in the first place! Title slides and captions from Reduct are also preserved. Here is a quick preview of how it works:

NOTE: Please update Premiere to 15.4.0 or higher before using this plugin. And please write to us if you notice any issues. Adobe updates Premiere frequently and without warning, and we'd love an email to support@reduct.video if anything looks off.



For Mac systems, please download our DMG file and open it in Finder. Then drag the “Reduct.Video panel” over “Adobe extensions” and restart Adobe Premiere Pro.

To uninstall the panel, visit the /Library/Application Support/Adobe/CEP/extensions/ folder in Finder and remove the folder called “Reduct.Video panel.”


For Windows systems, please download our installer EXE file and double click it. If Windows warns you that it is from an unknown publisher, please click More info or Run anyway to proceed.  Note that the Adobe Premiere Pro extension itself is signed by Reduct, Inc. Click Next to proceed through the installation wizard, then restart Adobe Premiere Pro.

To uninstall the panel, visit the Add/Remove Software section of the Windows Control Panel and choose Uninstall Reduct.Video panel.


To use the Premiere integration, you need Adobe Premiere Pro 13.1+, and you need to install a panel provided by Reduct. If you have the original assets on your computer, you can then use the panel to import a reel in Reduct into a sequence in Premiere.

Once the panel is installed, enable it by choosing Window→Extensions→Reduct.

You should see the Reduct website in a window within Premiere. Please log in with your reduct.video username and password. You may need to resize the window to fit the Reduct app.

Note that Reduct’s Google and SAML login features are not yet supported in the Premiere Pro panel. If you need these features in the Premiere panel, please let us know.

Once you have logged in, click on the Reels navigation element at the top-right of the screen. You should be able to navigate to a reel. Once you do, you’ll see the word Import underneath the video. It appears in the same place as Export would appear when using a web browser.

If you click Import, Premiere will step you through the creation of a new sequence, starting with choosing the video resolution and frame rate.

The panel shows you the recordings that were used in the reel, and it asks you which Premiere sequence or file to link to. As in the two screenshots below, you may need to scroll down to see the Import Reel With Media Links button.

This will prompt you for the settings of the sequence, and then it will create a sequence in Premiere. The sequence will include captions from Reduct as well as title slides in Reduct.

In the end, it may look like this.

Data storage

The Premiere extension does not download audio or video assets to your computer. It relies on the assets already existing within a Premiere project of your choosing.

It does download Reduct captions, and Reduct title slides, to your computer. It uses the ~/Reduct/Imported Captions folder to contain caption files as SRT. It also uses the ~/Reduct/Titles folder to store title slide information. 

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