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Working with Multi-camera Sequences in Reduct and Premiere
Working with Multi-camera Sequences in Reduct and Premiere

In this article, we walk through how to work with Reduct & multi-camera footage.

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Please read this article first for background on the Reduct ↔ Premiere integration.

Multi-camera source sequences usually combine tracks which do not start at the same time. The Reduct extension handles all of the offset work automatically, freeing you up to focus on the story.

Here's how it works:

We’ll walk through this process beginning to end using this example:

  • Cam A started recording first and has the longest run time.

  • Cam B starts 00:02:00;05 after Cam A, and has higher quality audio.

We combine these into a Multi-camera source sequence titled, “Interview Multicam SOURCE.” The total runtime of this multi-camera source sequence is 00:17:06;02 (same as Cam A which started first and runs the longest).

Step 1. Upload video from one camera (proxy or original) to Reduct

Please upload a video (use a proxy for quicker upload) with the best quality audio in order to get the best transcription. If neither camera's audio is very good, and high quality audio was recorded on a seperate track, we recommend combining the audio and video before uploading to Reduct.

If using a proxy, please make sure it is a complete proxy with the same total runtime as the original. As you’ll see below, the Reduct extension uses total runtime for re-linking.

Step 2. Find and shape your narratives using reels in Reduct

Reduct provides paper edits with a play button, allowing Producers to create the narrative they want as easily as editing text.

Learn more here- Reduct Quick Start Guide

Here’s the reel our Producer made from our B Cam upload.

3. Set up your project in Premiere

If you haven't already, create a Multi-camera source sequence combining your highest quality camera angles and audio.

4. Import your Reduct reel to Premiere & link to high quality source media

Within Premiere, select Window→Extensions→Reduct.

Paste your reel's share link from Reduct.

Next, Reduct will locate and ask you to verify each high quality source media file this reel will link to in Premiere.

Click “Import Reel with Media Links,” and the extension will create a new sequence on the timeline from your reel.

Each highlight within your reel becomes a clip in the new sequence.

Lasso all clips in the sequence, right click and “Multi-cam > Enable.

You can now switch cameras and audio, extend or shorten clips, zoom, add B-roll and music, fine-tune your pacing, clean up sound, put in some ace transitions.... Y'know, do your thing.

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