After you’ve created a reel, you likely want to share it with others. One of the most powerful ways of doing that is by generating a Share URL.

Reduct’s Share URLs link to Player Pages (example) where users can watch the reel that you’ve created. Not only does this avoid the hassle of downloading and managing video files, the URL unfurls nicely in apps like slack, and the video on the Player Page automatically updates when the source reel is changed! This means that you can not only leverage Reduct for sharing bite-sized research over Slack, but also create PowerPoint / Google Slide decks with links to your reels while you're still finalizing edits.

How do you create a Share Url?

1. Just click the share icon in the reel editor:

2. Once the link is generated, click on the url to copy it or generate an email embed if you'd like to have a stylized preview of the video in an email:

How do you update the video that the Share Url points to?

Any edits you make in the Reel Editor will be reflected in the Player Page. Just cut, edit, re-organize and add at will.

When you paste a link to Slack or Microsoft Teams it unfurls. Teammates will see a preview of the video you share and get to read some of the transcript.

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