You don't have to download and upload your reels to share them.

Reduct’s Share URLs link to Player Pages (example) where users can watch the reel that you’ve created. The URL unfurls nicely in apps like slack, and the video on the Player Page automatically updates when the source reel is changed! This means that you can not only leverage Reduct for sharing bite-sized research over Slack, but also create decks with links to your reels while you're still finalizing edits.

For a platform by platform recommendation for how to share reels, we recommend this article on the best way to share Reduct reels, by platform.

How do you create a Share Url?

Just click the share icon in the reel editor:

Then, click on the url to copy it (for modern workplace apps), or use the "Embed Link" option to copy a thumbnail + link to the share page.

If you use the "Embed link" option, you'll see the following modal, with a quick preview of what you will be copy / pasting. You can use the "Copy embed code" button to copy, and just use Ctrl + V or the paste option in the app you are sharing in.

Any edits you make in the Reel Editor will be reflected in the Player Page. Just cut, edit, re-organize and add at will.

We have a whole article dedicated to this! Check out our recommendations on The best way to share your Reduct reels - by platform.

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