Reduct offers several different options for sharing out your reels, including Downloaded Video, copy / pasted Share Link, and an Embed Link option. Which one you choose depends on where you are sharing; we walk through our recommendations below.

(To learn how to use the share link or embed link option, read this article.)

Messaging tools

Slack, MS Teams, FB Workplace

It can be super effective to drop short research snacks ( 🍪 yum!) into your the communication channel your team uses every day - whether that's Slack, MS Teams, or FB Workplace.

Sharing in these tools is best via Share Link. Just copy / paste the link in, and these tools will "unfurl" the link into a nice preview like this. Clicking on the link will take you to that reel's Share Page.

Presentation Tools

Online - Google Slides

Google Slides is great for decks, but doesn't make it easy to embed video. Your standard option is to: download video from Reduct, upload it to Google Drive, wait for processing time, and then embed it as a playable video into Slides.

Our recommended option, which is much simpler, is to use the Embed Link option in Reduct. After enabling link sharing, click Embed Link, and then Copy Embed Code. Now, when you paste in Google Slides, you get something like this:

(The "Play in Reduct" links back to your Reduct share page. )

It's a link, so video opens in a new window rather than playing in Google Slides. This also comes with a hidden benefit - you can continue editing your reel in Reduct till the last minute, and play back the version you just edited.

Offline Presentation - Powerpoint, Keynote

For offline presentations like Powerpoint and Keynote, we recommend downloading an mp4 video file, and embedding that directly into your Powerpoint or Keynote file.

Collaboration Tools

Collaboration tools - Notion, Dropbox Paper, Coda

For these tools, using the Reduct share link will be your most convenient option.

In Notion, when you copy / paste a link, you can click the "Create Embed" option to make the video playable (Notion uses an iframe embed to enable this.)

In other tools, copy / pasting the share link will unfurl like in Slack. Here's an example from Dropbox paper - I just pasted the link and hit enter, and Dropbox Paper generated this nice preview:

Social Media

For social, we recommend downloading the videos from Reduct to share. In particular, we recommend that you leave captions on (using either Reduct Style or Temporal so they are word-by-word), since many people view videos on social while on mute.

Temporal is a better fit for this video becaus eof the uneven background.

Happy sharing! Let us know if there is a platform we didn't cover.

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