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Upgrading or Downgrading users
Upgrading or Downgrading users
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To change a user's role (upgrading them to an editor or downgrading to a commenter, or to remove them from your workspace entirely), navigate to the Users page (Profile picture > Settings > Users), and click the kebab menu (3 vertical dots) next to the user who's role you'd like to change.

Select the role you with to assign to that user, and hit update. For more in different roles and permissions, see this article.

Note: Guests only have access to specific projects. If you are downgrading a user to a Guest role, you'll choose which projects this user may have access to.

Billing Managers

Check the box to make this user a Billing Manager.

Billing Managers are free or paid, depending on the role they hold (eg, Editor or Commenter). They can add or remove users from the org, manage billing and add payment methods, and view usage reports. Orgs may designate more than one user to be a billing manager.

For a recap of Reduct roles & permissions, and which seats are paid or free, click here.

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