Adding users to your organization? Reduct allows you specify a user's role in your organization and their editing permissions per project.


A guest role is perfect for stakeholders. Guests only have access to the specific projects to which they are invited.Guests cannot create new projects, invite other users, or join any project.


A member role is the default. Members can create projects, invite users, and join any non-private projects. Reduct is the organization's repository for all customer research in video/audio form, and members have access to all non-private aspects of this repository.

An admin can view and change an organization's billing information, and receive invoices for that organization. Admins can also remove users from Reduct.

Private Projects

When creating a project, a project may be made Private by clicking the "Restrict Access" button. Private projects are only viewable by the person who are explicitly given access to that project (eg. by the creator of the project). 

[Note: We are in the midst of designing a role that can see all projects in an organization, including private projects, and, can add / remove users from projects. If you have particular requirements around a role like this, please email]

Inviting Users

Users can either be invited through the project management menu, or through the Users page. 

When users are invited through the project management menu, they are added as guest by default. This means that they do not have access to any other project on Reduct, or the capability to create any other project. If you would like them to be able to create or join other projects, promote them to a "member" through the Users page.

Editing Permissions

For each project, each user can be added with can edit or view permissions. View-only access allows guests to view but not edit or download your research materials.

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