Adding titles to reels

How to create and add title cards to your reels?

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You can add titles at the beginning of reels; as interstitials to introduce new subjects or themes; or to close out a reel. You can edit the text of a title slide, change the duration it is on the screen, and add a background image.

Adding titles

With a reel open in the central panel or pinned to the side, use the button in the top row (next to download and close) to add a title card. You can click on it, and a new title card will appear above the reel item where your playhead is. You can also drag the button and place a title specifically in between two reel items.

Customizing the title

Once you have the title card in place, you can enter a Title and the Subtitle in the respective text field, which will appear as white text on a blank background in your video when played. (See below for ways to customize!)

You can also change the duration the title card remains on screen by using the duration dropdown on the right of the text fields.

NOTE: If you're importing reels into Premiere Pro using the Reduct extension, these titles will show up as comment markers on the timeline, with a gap for the selected duration. You can use this to "reserve space" on your timeline for B-roll or graphics.

Adding background images to titles

You can add images to title cards, which you can use to introduce photos or graphics to your narrative, or to brand the titles with your organization's look-and-feel. To add your own custom-designed titles (to replace the title entirely, or as a branded template), add a title card as described above, and add a background image.

To add an image, click on the kebab icon ( โ ) on the right side of the title card and select โ€˜Add Background Image.โ€™ Select an image of your choice from your computer, and it will be set as the background. You can replace or remove it at any time.

If you add text in the title and subtitle fields, these will be displayed on top of your image.

Images will be resized to fit, and will not be cropped. We recommend using high resolution images to avoid them looking blurry. The closer the image ratio is to that of the video, the more seamless it will appear, so you may need to crop them before bringing them into Reduct.

Recommended image resolution: 1920x1080px

Supported Formats: JPG, PNG & GIF

Tip: you can use animated GIF files to introduce motion to your titles!

Using presentation software to create branded divider slides

You can use a program of your choice to generate images to use as a background for titles. A common example is using Powerpoint, Keynote, or Google Slides to create correctly-sized backgrounds as a template.

If you are using Google Slides, you will need to adjust the slide resolution from the default, otherwise you will have blurry templates.

1. Create a new presentation, and change the page size to the correct format.

File > Page setup

* Custom size
* Change units to pixels
* Change numbers to 1920x1080

2. Design a slide as you wish by adding images, shapes, text, and colors. Use any fonts and graphics, as needed. You might be able to use your organization's existing presentation template, and use that to brand your reels, or to set up a Google Slides presentation that you can rapidly edit and export from, that is pre-configured to work well with Reduct.

3. Export the current slide as an image, and then use that file as a background image for a title card in your reels.

File > Download > PNG image (.png, current slide)

And then add the downloaded image of the slide as a background to the title card in Reduct.

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