Reduct helps you edit a few, or a hundred hours of video into meaningful stories in minutes, instead of days.

With Reduct, you can:

- Upload videos & get high quality transcripts

- Edit your videos by editing the transcript’s text

- Search a repository of all your uploaded recordings (Ctrl+F for video)

- Easily create and combine snippets into presentation ready videos (1-click captions optional).

- Make synthesis more efficient and accurate via transcripts.

Here's a 90 second introduction video.

If you have access, open Reduct in another tab and follow along. You'll be confidently editing video in less than 10 minutes.

1 - Search through recordings

(Note: if you need to start by uploading video, see Step 5)

Recordings are organized by Projects. Click on any Project.

Use the search bar to find videos in this project containing specific words and phrases in the title or transcript.

2 - Highlighting text in video

You can review the whole recording, highlighting every meaningful moment. Or, you can simply search for a word you remember, and Ctrl+F directly to the story nuggets you need.

Select any snippet of text in the conversation transcript, then select ‘highlight’.

Tag your highlights for synthesis or to easily find them later.

Search again and create as many highlights as you want to inform your synthesis. When you’re ready to communicate your findings, Reduct lets you easily leverage the power of video to share your insights.

3 - Crafting reels

Click ‘Reels’ in the upper right. If your team has already created reels in this project, you’ll find them here. Click any reel to edit. If you’re creating a new reel, click new reel.

Highlights you (or your team) have created are on the left. Drag any of these story nuggets (highlights) into your reel.

Got word salad? No problem. Editing the transcript also edits your video. Just drag your cursor over the bits you don’t need and click ‘Cut’.

This portion will be cut smoothly from your transcript and your video reel. You can also change your mind. Just click the portion of dialogue that was cut and click ‘Restore’.

Drag highlights up and down to put them in the order of your narrative.

Click the magnifying glass to collapse highlights. This will make them easier to re-order.

Click the ‘Captions’ icon to disable (or enable captions).

Click the ‘Title’ icon to create a title slide.

Then, drag the title slide to your desired location within the reel.

Congratulations! You’ve just spent a few minutes crafting a video story narrative that could’ve taken hours. Now, it’s time to share your story.

4 - Share your story!

Click the ‘Sharing’ icon to share this reel’s url via Slack, Email or any channel you like.

Viewers who click your link will see your story on a page like this.

Click the ‘Export’ icon…

to download the video, audio, or transcript. Reels can also be exported directly to Final Cut Pro or Adobe Premiere via our plug-in.

5 - Upload your recordings

You can import audio or video files via url from Zoom, BlueJeans, Google Drive, Dropbox, YouTube or Vimeo. You can also upload audio or video files directly from your computer.

Create a project or select the project you’d like to add your new recordings to. To import directly from a cloud provider click ‘Import from Web’.

Then, add your urls.

Quick Note: If you experience any issues with url uploads, please make sure your urls are shareable and viewable outside your organization. Click here for more details.

To import directly from your computer select 'Upload Files'.

Then, add your files.

Congratulations! Creating and editing video is your new Superpower!

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